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Nearly a year ago, we posted an article about Allovus Project Manager David Hose and his passion for bicycling. Shortly after the story was written, David had an unfortunate accident while riding in his second race of the season.

“During that race, two riders tried to break away from the group, so they rode on the right-hand shoulder of the road. They overlapped wheels and wiped out in front of me. I ended up flipping over a guy and landing hard on my right side,” David said.

Not knowing the extent of his injuries, he drove himself to the emergency room, where he soon found out he had broken his clavicle, five ribs, and an elbow. He also had a collapsed lung. He stayed in the ICU for five days.

The recovery

The recovery

David had to lay off riding his bike to begin the healing process. He received physical therapy for about three months—but then, in just six weeks, he was back on his bike again. “Surprisingly, I was in pretty good shape, things were going lots better… I got my legs back.”


Fast-forward to 2014 and the first bicycling event of the year. 6,000 participants plugged the streets of Bainbridge Island to participate in the “Chilly Hilly” event. David got up at 6:15 that day to make it to the ferry terminal at 7:30.

Allovus: What was it like to ride in a big event like this again? Were you nervous?

David: Not for the event itself.  When I first got on a bike after the accident, I was a lot more tentative with regard to drafting (sitting on someone’s wheel six to ten inches away from them). It took me a while to get comfortable in a group scenario, and to trust the people that I’d be riding with. But I wanted to get on a bike as soon as possible to get over the fear, and also not to lose the conditioning I had worked hard for before the accident happened.

Allovus: Was this event a race?

David: No, this was a cycling event. I’ve decided not to race for the time being however, I’m leaving that door open. My bicycle team made a Gran Fondo squad—an event-based training group. Anyone on the team can join, our focus is on event-based training. It’s the perfect role for me; I was asked to be captain and couldn’t pass it up. My team is called the “Union Bay Cycling” team. In its entirety, we have about 100+ members. But for this Gran Fondo squad, we have about seven people who represent our team. It’s open to the racers as well—if they don’t want to race they can do an event instead. It’s a lot of fun.

Allovus: Why did you decide to get back on your bike and ride?

David: I love it. It’s just a part of my life now. For me, it’s the perfect balance—I can set goals and achieve them. And it alleviates stress too. I’m back to my usual self—well, about 95% of the way there. I feel like there is nothing I can’t do.


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