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a little inspiration: animation (part 2)

In our part one section of this article, Allovus Designer, Lynn Muranaka, selected some animated short films to fuel our creativity. Now she’s back with a few more to spark some inspiration.

The Passenger by Chris Jones: Creepy and fun. The level of detail involved is really amazing–from the artwork, to the sound effects, to the musical score. The moral of the story on this one–never sit next to a lone goldfish on the bus.

Love Recipe by Felipe Pizarro S., Frédéric Bajou, Morgan Bourdon, Jiun Yiing Mow, Loïc Paoli: Watch the transitions between each scene–really well done! Just perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Blur Studio – A Gentlemen’s Duel: This just goes to show you, that some people will do anything for love, no matter how ridiculous.

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