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a little inspiration: animation (part 1)

Recently, Allovus Designer Lynn Muranaka discovered some inspiring short animated films on YouTube. We thought it might be fun to share the clips she found. These are interesting to watch not only for the entertainment value, but also for the sheer artistry involved in the making of them. If you need a little inspiration, take a moment and watch…

Shop Vac (kinetic typography animation): This one is ultra-clever and the tune is catchy. See if you can name all the product placements as you watch.

Thought of You – by Ryan Woodward: Here’s a lovely dance/gesture animation, done the old way.

Sintel – Third Open Movie by Blender Foundation: This short film is captivating, and there is a real arc to the story.

Oxygen: Who says animation can’t be educational? Check out this short film called “Oxygen.”

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