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Believe it or not, the future is already here—at least for user interfaces, that is. In Fast Company’s article, The 17 Most Amazing User Interfaces of The Year,” they listed 17 ground-breaking interfaces that have truly taken a leap ahead.

We’ve highlighted a few of them here:

Disney transmits sound through human touch. The system allows the user to speak into the microphone, the sound is sent as electricity through the human body, then the user touches the ear of another person—and they can hear what was transmitted through the microphone. Check it out!

Read the article here: Watch Disney Transmit Sound Through Human Touch

GravitySpace is a floor that senses your every move and projects a digital shadow. Hasso Platner Institute, with support from Microsoft Research, has developed a smart floor that can sense and distinguish individual people and furniture. Using software and a projector placed well beneath a glass floor (called GravitySpace), they can extend the real world into a world with a digital shadow.

Click here for the full article: A Crazy Floor Senses And Mirrors Your Every Move

MIT’s display you can reach through and touch. “Almost like a table of living clay, the inFORM is a surface that three-dimensionally changes shape, allowing users to not only interact with digital content in meatspace, but even hold hands with a person hundreds of miles away.”

Read more here: MIT Invents A Shapeshifting Display You Can Reach Through And Touch

To see the entire list of 17 amazing user interfaces, read Fast Company’s full article: The 17 Most Amazing User Interfaces Of The Year

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