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allovus unplugged: part two


Photo credit: Kristin Nador

Photo credit: Kristin Nador

In our part one article, several of our employees gave some great tips on how to get away from the electronic noise of social media, email, etc. In this second article, we’ll explore more ways our Allovus folks unplug—and we’ll also learn that there a few who never unplug…

James Steward | Developer

  • I’m still trying to wrap my head around the “Value”of unplugging. Just not seeing the upside.
  • Then again, I’m still waiting for the chip that I can insert into the back of my head to give me access without external devices. Now that’s my idea of going “Unplugged”.

Rob Nichols | Chief Technical Architect

  • Kind of with James on this one, but my reasons are likely a sign of some sort of psychological pathology.
  • For me unplugged is that state of stress in which I cannot access the stuff I am worried about.  If there is nothing to worry about, then I want to be plugged in enough to be sure I don’t need to worry about it.

Kieran Phelan | Visual Designer

  •  Wow – Rob and James both need some serious therapy.  We would be on an evolutionary path to larger, more nimble thumbs and either longer necks or eyes on stalks so they can look more easily downward, except the technology will evolve much quicker than we do and James’ dream will come true sooner than we might expect.
  • As for tips on unplugging – just do it. What’s the fuss? Call me if it’s an emergency or a party.

Robert Massa |  Illustrator/Animator

  • I like my phone… lt’s shiny and lights up. It tells me the weather, allows me to take pictures whenever the impulse strikes, and I don’t have to wear a watch. And when someone says “look it up,” I can.
  • But, I don’t let it rule my life… if I don’t want to be interrupted with calls or messages, I just turn the sound off.

Andrew Puhl | UX Researcher/Designer

  • I just leave the country. I was recently abroad and it’s great to go to a place where your smartphone won’t work (unless you pay a fortune in roaming charges).
  • It’s liberating to solve basic problems again without the use of basic technology. Navigating becomes fun (which way is north????) and who knew reading a map in Thai could be so exciting? Not having to worry about answering the phone is gorgeous. Paying in cash has never been so enjoyable, and in a weird way relieving (not having to constantly check Mint to make sure I’m on budget).
  • The worst part was landing back home and knowing the inevitable flood of emails, texts, etc., would bombard me upon turning my phone on.

Barbara Nichols | Benefits and Payroll Manager

  • Here’s mine: Sittin’ on a horse looking at stuff.

Candy Knott | Visual Designer

  • I’m one of those anti-social media weirdos… no twitter, no facebook, no Instagram… however the phone still kinda rules my life (I’m with you Robert, love my shiny phone).
  • I’d rather spend my energy the old fashioned way: having real conversations with people that matter most to me, not random snippets with the masses. Not sure that counts as being “unplugged” but for me it minimizes the sometimes overwhelming nature of being completely plugged in.

Hayley Nichols | Founder and Principal

  • Kickboxing
  • A good book that makes you think
  • Children’s sporting event….leave the phone in the car.
  • Kitties….if you have a kitten sleeping on your lap, nothing is more important..don’t disturb a sleeping kitten.  I just leave my phone on the other side of the room.
  • Long drive with a new CD…yes, I am one of the few who still buy those things
  • Bake chocolate chip cookies with my kids
  • Beach in Kauai

Rachel Frost | Talent Acquisition Manager

  • I like to make things as a way to unplug! I make a picture or make up a little song. It’s cool.
  • Read a book (with paper pages)
  • Carrying the phone everywhere makes me crazy. I often leave it at home on the weekends…

For more tips on ways to be unplugged, read: allovus unplugged: part one.

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