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a tribute to jfk


It’s been 50 years since that fateful day on the 22nd of November in 1963 when John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline, drove through the streets in his presidential motorcade. The nation watched in horror as the 35th President of the United States was shot and killed.

It is difficult not to reflect back to that time and think about JFK’s tragic end—but it’s more important to think about the positive impact the president had while he was living.

According to an article on, the JFK Presidential Library and Museum wanted to create a microsite to display the vision and relevance of the JFK administration in today’s world. ESI created as a lasting resource for educators and the public.”

The website is designed to invite young visitors to explore the legacy of JFK. Themes to learn about include: public service, science and innovation, civil rights, domestic affairs, foreign policy and diplomacy, the arts and the environment.

Take a moment to browse through the website:

Esidesign describes the functionality of the site: “Each section contains a multitude of archival audio and video clips of the President’s televised addresses, radio speeches, photos and films. To engage new audiences, the reinvigorated past takes the form of graphic novels. The lighthearted format breathes new life into the traditional historical timeline.” Read the full article here:

If you are interested in watching footage about the Zapruder film, follow this link:

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