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After hiking across the Utah landscape and encountering names like “Death Valley” and “Devil’s Garden,” Jonathan Hull, a graphic designer and illustrator, wondered how many geographical places were related to demonic names. He was inspired to come up with a map to show how many areas of the U.S. were darkly named.

According to, “Originally, he was attracted to a broad swath of generally dark and demonic names, like Death Valley and Goblin Valley. ‘But that was making for a very long list,’ he tells Co.Design, ‘so I kept to ‘Devil’ and ‘Hell’ and a few close permutations.’ Evidently, there was plenty of fodder, because the resulting U.S. map’s squeezed print is just barely legible on a computer screen.” To see the full map, click here:

So, don’t be surprised to be plunged into “Hell” when you travel to different parts of America.

Hell, Michigan

Hell, Michigan

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