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Type:Rider – the game

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This could possibly be the moment all of you font nerds have been waiting for… a video game that allows you to discover the unexpected world of typography.

According to an article by Fast Company, “Type: Rider is a video game that will teach you the history of the most predominant typefaces. Garamond, Times, Helvetica — and yes, even Comic Sans — are represented in Type:Rider as separate levels. Players explore through their avatar, a colon tipped sideways to resemble wheels on a bike.”

Admit it, you are heading straight to iTunes to buy it, right? (It’s available there for $2.99.)

Fast Company states that “each level is painted with the brush of whatever period in art history the typeface sprang from. Times, for example, takes players on a tour of the Roaring Twenties, whereas in Clarendon’s level, the colon goes for a ride through the American Old West.”

Think of it this way: you can justify the purchase of this game to further your education.

You can read the full Fast Company article here:  Typography Video Games Takes Players Through Various Font Levels

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