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As we get older, our cognitive abilities gradually go downhill. Misplaced keys, forgetting the names of people we used to go to school with—or the new people we just met, taking longer to complete tasks we used to breeze through, are all par for the course.

What if we could slow down the effects of our aging brains and train to significantly improve our cognitive functions? Enter Lumosity, a web-based program designed to keep our brains sharp.

The user “trains” their brain on a daily basis by playing a variety of games—which cover areas like speed, memory, attention, flexibility, and problem-solving.

Memory Matrix

Eagle Eye Game

Does it work? According to the company, Lumosity has been experimentally tested and clinically proven to improve brain performance.  “The results of training with Lumosity are measured experimentally in randomized controlled trials. A typical experiment begins by measuring each person’s baseline abilities with tests of brain performance. After several weeks of training, each person is tested again to determine how much the Lumosity training has improved cognitive function.”

Science Behind

So, if you are looking for a way to improve your speed, memory, attention, etc… at work, why not give it a try? Visit for a free trial.

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