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top animated infographics: part one

Given the popularity of infographics these days, we thought it might be fun to dig up some that are a little different—animated infographics. Here’s a list we felt were particularly informative and entertaining. (Part one includes the top five, part two includes six through ten.)

1. The World is Obsessed with Facebook by Alex Trimpe: An infographic revealing interesting Facebook statistics and obsession.

2. The Known Universe by the American Museum of Natural History: Takes viewers from the Himalayas, through our atmosphere, through the galaxy, and universe. Fascinating!

3. Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson: Fantastic way of showing how innovations begin and where ideas come from.

4. Airport: One man’s epic journey through the airport created entirely from public domain symbols. A strong story told in the language of airport symbols. (by

5. Crash Course History: Who Won the American Revolution? This is a fun series teaching a crash course in history, hosted by best-selling author, John Green. (Love him.) By Crash Course.

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