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That old static accessibility icon just got a new makeover, thanks to the Accessibility Icon Project.

According to Fast Company, two collaborators, Sara Hendren, a graduate of Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, and Brian Glenney, a philosophy professor at Gordon College in Massachusetts, were looking to change the public’s awareness of people with disabilities. (See Fast Company’s full article here: How A Guerrilla Art Project Gave Birth To NYC’s New Wheelchair Symbol.)

Initially, the pair took on a guerilla art approach to the problem, covering the existing accessibility symbols all over the city of Boston with hyperstatic window decals. The decals were transparent, allowing the viewer to see the old design through the new, more dynamic image.

Watch Good Morning America’s coverage of the new design:

The new symbol shows a much more vibrant person in motion; and it’s catching on, generating conversations, and hopefully giving a more human look at people with disabilities. If you would like to learn more about the Accessibility Icon Project, visit the official website:

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