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Where do you prefer to work? At home, in an office, in a café? Depending on the flexibility of the company you work for, your place of work could be wherever you choose.

In a recent CBS news interview, Jack Dorsey, CEO and Co-Founder of Twitter, was asked if he had an office space at the company’s headquarters. “No, I mean, I have my space in my iPad, I have my space in my head, and I have my space at home.” He does go to the office, but mostly spends time walking around, meeting with people, and sometimes works at one of the many stand-up tables at the headquarters.

Dorsey considers the office a common space, a workshop of sorts, where people come together to a blank canvas where they can create. Working from home is a great advantage, but so is coming together to spark creativity with group synergy.

Due to the advancements in technology, we now have more flexibility in the workplace than ever. Flexible space allows employees to create where they feel the most inspired. (Whether that’s at home, or in the office.) Flexible time allows employees the freedom to juggle work with their home/life schedules.

If you had your choice, what type of environment would you like to work in?

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