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i Pulcini© MARTINA DALTON, Designer, Allovus Design

Skills that can translate well in a variety of careers are important in any kind of economy. Design and illustration skills are no exception.

Susan Roth has been making art in some capacity or another for a number of years.  She’s worked in the software industry as an illustrator, a graphic designer, and even an icon designer. But at home, she’s a wife, a mom, and most recently—an owner of a boutique farm goods business.

“It all started when Scott and I got chickens. I was looking for some cool signs to hang up on the chicken coop, but couldn’t find any; so I made some myself.” Susan used her art skills and came up with eight designs.

“I worked with a friend who is a local printer on Bainbridge Island. He could print on anything, so he helped me figure out how to print the designs on metal.”

She started with a small print run of about fifty signs. From there, friends and neighbors started asking her to make more; and they weren’t just pictures of chickens. Colorful images of farm fresh vegetables, horses, dogs, and other animals were soon popping up as well. Her signs became so popular, it turned into a full-blown business.

Golden Retriever

Allovus:  Where do you get the inspiration or ideas for your images?

Susan:  Good question – I don’t know! I just started drawing farm animals and they all had a similar look.

Allovus:  What medium do you use to create the artwork?

Susan:  I use Adobe Illustrator.

Allovus:  Do you have a favorite design?

Susan:  I like my pygmy goats!

Goats at PlayAllovus:  Where are your signs sold?

Susan:  All over the U.S….we have stores in Alaska, Massachusetts, Washington, Oregon, California, Texas, Idaho, Montana, South Carolina, Atlanta, and I’ve sold individual signs to Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy and England!

Allovus:  Are there any other products you sell besides signs?

Susan:  We are going to start selling mugs, aprons, table runners, bags and hats soon.

If you’d like to check out Bainbridge Farm Goods’ signs, click here:

Allovus wants to know… what are some interesting ways YOU have used your design/illustration skills? We’d love to hear your stories.

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