flexible work?

Green alarm clock isolated on white background 3DRecently, Marissa Mayer, President and CEO of Yahoo!, caused a big controversy by imposing a new employee work-at-work policy, and a viral debate ensued. Pundits have had a field day analyzing and assessing while workers in the tech world wondered what had happened to an almost unspoken policy of flexible work hours. The reality is that even with flexible hours, most employees in the industry work hours beyond what would be considered a standard eight-hour shift.

Ann Brenoff, a senior writer for The Huffington Post, wrote a recent article entitled “Why Working in the Office is Bad for You” that simply lays out the benefits of a more flexible attitude about where and when you work. It’s worth a read.

Here at Allovus, we certainly support and appreciate a flexible work philosophy. As Founder Hayley Nichols says: “I created Allovus to provide a great place to engage in meaningful and rewarding work from whatever space or place enables us to make our families our first priority.”

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