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ziba design: 12 more things for 2013

© Ziba Design

© Ziba Design

Chris Butler, director of Ziba Design’s Consumer Insights and Trends group, wrote this recent roundup for Fast Company and it’s worth a read. Make sure you check out Number 12: Everyone’s a Specialist. The article was featured on Fast Company’s co.Design.

How did they decide what to highlight. From Butler: “Meeting over three sessions spread out over a week, 23 Zibites (designers, researchers, and creative directors) discussed the patterns we’d seen, and distilled them down to the 12 insights we thought were most current and useful, to us and to our clients. Each one is presented here, as a brief essay that suggests how it will affect business practices in 2013, and as an illustration created by one of Ziba’s designers.” Check it out.

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