in the fast lane

David Hose leading the pack.

David Hose leading the pack.

You can often find David Hose in front of his computer, managing a multitude of icon projects. Sometimes project management gets stressful, and the long hours spent sitting in an office chair can be hard on his body.

But David has a secret weapon against stress and fatigue—he gets on his bike, and rides.

Allovus:  “How long have you been bicycling?”

David:   “I’ve been cycling seriously since 2004. One day, I walked over to the bike shop in Greenlake and bought a Trek 1500, a road bike. That led to club rides out of Marymoor Park, my first century ride called “Flying Wheels,” and the Seattle to Portland (STP) with my youngest bro.”

David Hose
“When I’m on my bike, I’m in my happy place.
My mind is in the zone and worries, fears, etc., just fade away.”

“What got you interested in racing in the first place? How did you get into it?”

David:   “My love for biking started when I was in my late high school years while living in New York. I had a friend in New Jersey that I’d visit often and we’d go biking around his neighborhood on our 10-speeds, we loved the freedom and ability to get places without a vehicle. We dreamed of doing some long distance rides but didn’t get the chance as college took precedence. I ended up cycling through college; a great way to get around the large UW campus.”

Allovus: “How many times a week do you ride? How many miles do you average per ride?”

David: “I ride an average of 4 to 5 times per week during the training season, which is from October through March. I average about 100 to 150 miles per week.”

Allovus: “How does it help you to relieve stress?”

David:   “When I’m on my bike, I’m in my happy place. My mind is in the zone and worries, fears, etc., just fade away. Some call it a ‘runner’s high.’ It’s liberating, and those happy chemicals the body produces seem to last for several hours following a ride. It’s also a great social activity. I belong to a club that rides two days a week. I also have a team ( that rides on the weekends; people from all walks of life and circumstances that just love to ride.”

Allovus: “What’s your most memorable biking story?”

David: “My first Seattle to Portland with my youngest brother, Taesan, in 2005 stands out as the most memorable. It was the first time I attempted such a long distance (200 miles in two days) and it gave my bro and I some time to connect.”

“Cycling is a metaphor for life,” he says. “There are hills and valleys in both racing and life. You’ve got to get through the good times and bad to be successful.”

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